Monday, August 22, 2011

Girl Carrot Walnut Cupcakes

Order is place by Ms Lily from JB for 2 of her former staffs at Sunway
Carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese topping.
Theme is sex in the city..hope they love it.. Thanks Ms Lily

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brownies Choc

Received this order from Ms Rezzy for her friend supprise party at Bukit Jelutong..
Hope she and her friends is having good times..

Makan- Makan

Ms Osyien request this cupcakes for makan..hope she like it

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Continental Cake (Part 2)

This time I am attending class at Bzee Bakery Seremban..learns to make 4 difference of cake

Premium : Russion Black and White Cake (9' size, 3 kg)
Very rich and heavy choc cake..each layer of choc moist cake is enrich with choc ganache and cream cheese filling.super delicious..

Premium : Snowy Peach Custard Cream Cake (9" size, 1.8 kg)

Very creamy cake..the custard cream melt in your mouth.. recommended for those who did not like choc

Premium : Italian Rainbow Cake (9" size, 2 kg)
Colourful Rainbow cake..very moist buttery flavour cake layered with italian buttercream.
The buttercream is very moist..fully achor marjerin or shortening..

Cake : Red Velvet Cake (8" size, 1.6 kg)
Starting from this week, I already using this cake recipe to make red velvet cake.
Very unique cake with bright red color..suitable for romantic mood..
covered with cream cheese topping..very nice

Happy Birthday Allison

For Allison Birthday, her mother request 3d car  red velvet cake for party at home at 25pcs edible choc cupcakes for allison friends at school..