Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3D Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Making this cake for my best friend from high school eldest son..hope he really happy with this cake.
This cake is weight 1 kg with 8" x 6" dimension. 
For birthday party, I suggest other cake on bottom of the lighting Mc Queen Cake.

Note : Really sleepy last nite I place the cake in the freezer instead of let the fondant dry outside. That is why all the fondant look shiny..hehehe
Front view
Overall View
With flag
Top view
Back view

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3d Belle Cake For Dea

This cake ordered by Ms Malai for her daughter Dea 3rd Birthday.
Meet her and her friends at Subang Parade, because i was unable to deliver the cake to The Gardens
venue for her daughter birthday party.
Topper Fondant

Front View

Overall view
Top view

Carrot Walnut Cake for Retirement

Making 2 pcs of carrot walnut for my uncle retirement party..alhamdulillah the event went smoothly...
Plain Carrot Walnut ±1.3 kg

Brownie Steam Layer Cheese For Faiz' Birthday

Order from my regular customer, Ms Latifah for her brother 23rd birthday..
She also ordered Blueberry cheese tartlets, but I totally forgot to snap the photo..'sorry tipah'
Brownies Choc Cheese for Faiz birthday

Cream Brown Wedding Cake

Cream and Brown..very neutral and earthy color combination
Making 3-tier Pillar Wedding Cake for HMY Ikhlas enterprise.

Alhamdulillah road traffic is smooth on that day, so reach Desa Tasik within 1/2 hour.
Overall 3 tier cake

3rd tier

2nd tier

HMY iklhas 
1st tier

Choc Cake

3d Pink Princess Cake For Ms Ggee

Supprise Princess Cake for Princess of the day, Ms Ggee.
This cake is ordered by her friends, for her birthday..

Butter cake with pink buttercream for gown and topper is pink fondant.
Really hope she like it..
Pink topper

Top view

Overall view
Side view

Tartlets for hantaran

Order from Ms Hida, for his nephnew wedding at Taman Melawati..cheese tart blueberry, strawberry and orange..thanks for ordering.

 For makan-makan , order from Puan Nur

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Cake For My Daughter Baby-Sitter

My daughter was sent to Taska Bintang Hatiku, Putra Height since she was 2 months until now (almost 5 yrs old). There are 2 staff that already there; Siti & Sue who take a very good care to my daughter Aisya.

This weekend one of them, Siti is getting married..and she going back to kampong this afternoon.
Since I am unable to attend her wedding ceremony, I make 2-tier Wedding Cake last night for her special days. Finish around 2 am, but I really happy with the result.

Color of choice is my fav color which also her wedding color theme..white and blue..

Selamat Pengantin Baru Siti, Semoga Bahagia Ke Akhir Hayat...Amin...
Wedding Cake White & Blue

Choc Moist Cake

Choc Cake also on 1st tier

Overall View Wedding Cake

Birthday cupcakes for Sharon

This order received from Ms Liew Klang (one of my regular customer) on behalf of her friend Sharon
She request a box of 16 pcs choc moist cupcakes with Blue & White theme color..
Thanks again Liew..

Blue & White Theme

Choc Moist Cupcakes For Birthday

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cupcakes Birthday

This is combine birthday for Ms Osyien Birthday and her nephew..
Theme is White & Red..so I make white carnation flower for them..
cc butter & choc

Wedding at UMNO building

This cake is order by HMY Ikhlas for catering at UMNO Shah Alam Building..
Theme is Pink Purple, 2 tier Choc Moist Cake and Orange Sponge Cake
Deliver at 12.30..before the bride and groom arrive..

Interested to order Briyani for your occasion, please contact Puan Harlina 013-2390 736
Orange Sponge Cake

Choc Moist Cake

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tartlets_ Fruit and blueberry cheese

Order Received from Puan Zakiah & Puan Zurainie..double Z madam..for makan2..TQ for ordering..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2-tier Birthday Cake

Order for birthday Cake..request for 2-tier cake..1st tier butter cake. 2nd tier choc cake
Butter Cake
Bottom view

Choc Cake, 2nd tier

Fruit tart & Cheese Tart for Mother's Day

Order from Puan Dilla at Brisbane for her mother at Nusa Subang, on  Mother's day
Strawberry Fruit Tart
 Order by my best friend, Puan Aizan from Damansara..
Blueberry Cheese Tart

Mini CC for makan-makan

Mix flavour

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aqiqah Cupcakes in dome

Received order for baby shower aka Aqiqah cupcake .
50 pcs choc cupppies with choc ganache topping and individual pack in dome case
I make 6 different design; baby face, baby clothing, baby sock, baby bottle and lastly baby writing on cc..

Brownie Steam Layer Cheese

For this 3 days holidays..I make 5 steam brownies..3 for my friends and 2 for my family makan2...

For Latifah from Ipoh
Cik Tipah
 For Ms Najiba from Putra height
Cik Najiba
 For Ms Nadia to bring back Johor
Cik Nadia

Fruit tart & Cheese Tart for pregnant Mama

Repeat order by Pn Zakiah... her family really love it. Thanks for your order
Fruit tart & Cheese Tart