Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brownie Steam Layer Cheese

Introducing steam brownie layered with cheese.. the brownies having choc cakey taste due to steaming process and creamy taste from cream cheese.
Texture is soft and moist, suitable even for young toddler.

Brownie steam layered cheese is 1.5 kg for RM 45.00
For steam choc brownie (no cheese) is 1.0 kg for RM35.00

As usual, my product is less sugar.. If you want regular level of sugar, please inform during ordering..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marble Cheese Cake with Topping Ganache & Fresh Fruit

This is my 1st attempt to deco cake with fresh fruit..normally by buttercream, ganache or gumpaste..
but there is always 1st time for everything..

This cake is for lucky guy call By, that turn 22 today..His special 'Friend' order marble cheese cake topping with ganache.. Idea for adding the fresh fruit came after headache thinking perfect deco for guys other than sport..hhehe..blank..

Hope both of them happy with the cake..



Happy Birthday Neylie..

Order come for Little Neylie who turn 4 this year..for her cake I place princess edible and covered with soft pink and blue buttercream..inside is choc moist cake layered with blueberry..
I also deco with M&M choc since she only 4..for sure like candy..hope she love it..

Monday, March 21, 2011

So many to do

Lately I had attended few more classes with malaysia favourite chef like chef norbaini and chef noraini and famous blogger maklangazie.
I also buys a lot of book about cake decoration such as cake craft, sugarpaste decorations and also continental cakes..I found that the more I learn, the more I don't know..sound familiar huh..

And the best part, I still have long ways ahead of me..I will practice and practice and more practice to improve my all my beloved you so much..

This is the new thing that I need to practice this week :

Steam Choc Marble Cheese Brownies..just bought the ingredient..hopefully turn like what I learn..

Tart..cheese tart & fruit tart..not even start baking the shell..hehhee

Friday, March 18, 2011


2 sets of cc ordered by Ms. Selvi. 1 set for visitor to G4S and another set for her own....hope she like it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sex in the city Cupcakes

Birthday cc ordered by Ms Agnes from Klang..theme is sex in the city..
So hot

Wedding at Desa Tasik

Another sub-contactor under HMY Ikhlas cakes for ceremony at Desa Tasik, Sungai Besi..

The complete package 3 tier cake (Pillar)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cake for Birthday Boy aka Chelsea Fan

Received order from Puan Liana Puchong for her beloved son, Shamirul that turns 6 this year..
For his birthday theme is I prepare Chelsea edible with his name printed on the logo..
On the cake, I add on some fake player and goal to beautify the cake..

For me, it is satisfaction; when I deliver the cake and Puan Liana is really happy that the cake is turn out exactly like what she had in mind..Happy 6th Birthday Shamirul...

Overall View
Top view..

Before Adding fake character
Cupcake for Shamirul Friends
After combine the whole cake..this is the final result..
Shamirul really love it

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cupcake Hantaran (Fondant & Gumpaste)

Following the recent trend in using fondant & gum-paste for wedding or engagement...
I proudly present my latest product; cupcake hantaran..

This cupcake is specially design with so many details and few types of flower to suits your taste..
We have Rose, fabric rose, Ceramic rose, Cata lily, Baju Kebaya, handbag & shoe...
Each cupcakes come with large size, fill inside silver or gold cup.

To suit the gift tray,  the cupcake hantaran is come in sets of 6 or 9 pcs.
Price is depends on details and complexity.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ayah..Hasan Bin Abu Bakar

Last 2 weeks ago, a very sad thing happen in my family... my beloved father pass away on Saturday 19th Feb 2011 at age of 58.. 
He already ill for few years; but after trying for so many years with so many ways... we see his conditions is getting better and better and we never thought that he pass away that afternoon while sleeping.. 
For my beloved father Arwah Hasan bin Abu Bakar... may Allah bless him and love him as he look after me during childhood... A-l-fatihah
Last raya image (my parent and all mens in my life)

Choc Marble Cheese Again

Received repeat order from Ms Nadia..Choc Marble Cheese..
For makan- makan during weekends..thanks dear..

Musim makan-makan agaknya

Alhamdulillah..lately most of the order is for makan-makan..last nite making marble cheese cake for regular customer..Ms Nadia.